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Francesca Woodman's love of desserts: From the Archives…

"There are a lot of recipes as i think about food a good deal of the time. Pastries are my favorite art form and i make beautiful gingerbreadmen, chocolate truffles, peach mumble blackberry slump. Nothing more relaxing than settling down with a good cookbook and the words! I’m still thinking about some sweet narrow plums i ate in Italy last summer known as 'Nuns thighs,’” Francesca Woodman wrote in her journal around 1975.

Francesca’s love of dessert was well-known to her family and friends, often coming up in letters or conversations, and even in these two paintings she made in the late 1970s.

In the video clip below, George recounts her idea for a museum for sweet-tooths, dedicated to pastries and historic cakes.

"I bought one of those cakes that looks like a big chocolate rose…” Francesca wrote him from Italy around 1977. "I’m sorry you weren’t here to have a slice. Remember that amazing torte you guys brought me in providence last year? I kept the solid caramel top in my window for quite a while before my sweet tooth put an end to it.”

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