George Woodman, "Rachel's Gesture of Refusal," 1995: STAFF PICKS

Hi there, Eliza Little here. I am the Woodman Family Foundation’s Collections Assistant. While I now wear many hats in my job that involves helping to manage the artworks and archives of all three of our artists, my main responsibility when I first started in February 2018 was cataloguing the photographic works by George Woodman in our collection. During that time I became very familiar with George’s photographs, and coming from a background in photography myself, I felt an affinity with certain aspects of his work. For instance, the way George seemed to construct many of his photographs in an almost painterly way, by building layers and creating multidimensional imagery. He would often use still lifes such as flowers or different objects, architectural details, and other photographs that he had taken of models and/or sculptures. For me, all of these elements come together to create an alluring collection of thoughtful photographs, each abounding with meaning and visual depth, yet with a sense of playful execution. I am happy to share one of my favorite photographs of George’s entitled “Rachel’s Gesture of Refusal” (1995) that I think embodies these facets.

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