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George Woodman’s renovated studio in Antella, Italy, 2008: From the Archives…

George Woodman’s studio in Antella, Italy. Images 1-5: Studio under construction, 2008. Image 6: Inside George’s studio, c. 2016. Image 7: George in his studio, 2009, photo by Stefano Porcinai.

In 2008, the Woodmans renovated and expanded upon a storage space underneath their centuries-old farmhouse in Antella, Italy, transforming it into George’s new studio. His darkroom was tucked into the old stone structure, which had once been a wine cellar. They created a big, bright room with plenty of space for photography, painting, writing, and thinking, surrounded by views of the Tuscan countryside out the windows. Never one to leave a canvas blank, George decorated the new exterior wall with his version of “sgraffito,” a technique of scratching into plaster walls, popularized in 15th and 16th Century Italy and significant in the Italian Renaissance.

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