“The Lady of the Glove: Francesca Woodman and Surrealism" by Celia Bùi Lê

We are pleased to share The Lady of the Glove: Francesca Woodman and Surrealism by Celia Bùi Lê, who was our research intern this past summer through the Studio Institute. In her essay, Lê traces the history of Surrealism as related to women, both as maker and as muse, and discusses Woodman’s use of its tropes as a type of creative empowerment. Click here to read the essay.

Celia Bùi Lê was a Studio Institute Research Intern at Woodman Family Foundation in the summer of 2021. She is a senior at Columbia University, majoring in Linguistics and East Asian Studies and writing her thesis on Vietnamese female artists and the French Colonial period. She is also a painter.