The Woodman family explores Italy, circa 1959-60 and 1965-66: From the Archives...

Family photographs of the Woodman’s sightseeing in Italy, circa 1959-60 and 1965-66.

The Woodman family’s lifelong love of Italy began in 1951 with Betty’s yearlong apprenticeship in Fiesole. After marrying in 1953, Betty and George took their young children, Charles and Francesca, for extended stays in 1959-60 and again in 1965-66. The family lived in Florence and spent much of their time exploring museums and cultural and historical sites all over Italy. Charles and Francesca’s childhoods were spent traversing piazzas, Venetian canals, and Roman aqueducts, and wandering through gardens, courtyards, and art-filled walls. These experiences were formative for the entire family, with influences of classical and Italian art and architecture appearing in each of their work in the ensuing decades.

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